“In a challenging environment for authors who are trying to get their new books better known, JRB Communications was a real help.  Johanna Ramos-Boyer and her assistant Erin Bolden were clear and patient about what was involved in doing author interviews over the radio, and very well organized in setting them up.  Johanna's and Erin's expertise gave me the chance to communicate about my book to a wide range of listeners across the country.  JRB has obviously built up an extraordinary network of relationships with radio broadcasters and I highly recommend the firm to authors seeking to engage a wider public of educated general readers.”

— David Stebenne, author of PROMISE LAND: How the Rise of the Middle Class Transformed America, 1929-1968 



“If you care about your book having a life after all that blood and sweat and keyboard pounding, then you’ll want Johanna Ramos-Boyer on your side. Standing out in the noisy and crowded marketplace of ideas requires someone with Johanna’s expertise, connections and willingness to try something new. She was more than a publicist. She was a partner, a sounding board, a teacher. Lucky me.”

— Steve Luxenberg, author of Separate: The Story of Plessy v. Ferguson, and America’s Journey from Slavery to Separation 



“Johanna and her team put together and then helped work through a publicity program for my most recent book.  I came in a skeptic and walked away a believer.  They were professional, comprehensive, polite, and flexible.  Not to mention fun!  What a pleasure.  I’d work with them again anytime, every time."

— Philip Mudd, author of BLACK SITE: The CIA in the Post 9/11 World



“Passionate, professional, and completely dedicated to her clients.  Johanna is the ideal publicist.”

— Drury Sherrod, Ph.D., author of The Jury Crisis: What’s Wrong with Jury Trials and How We can Save Them



A content driven world needs leadership. It begins with Johanna.  Her professional approach to every guest puts everything I need in one very simple place. I take show prep seriously. What she prepares are brilliant bios and other stories that help me design the perfect conversation.  It's like talking with a friend.  And her guests are every reason why I always say yes.  I'm always excited to create with Johanna!

- Arroe Collins, Host of the Arroe Collins Show



The team at JRB COMMUNICATIONS, LLC have been nothing but a pleasure to do business with. As someone that's in constant contact with Athletes, Entertainers  and their Communication Teams, it is refreshing to work with professionals like Johanna and Erin. I know when an interview is booked with JRB Communications LLC I'll be provided with details about the Client, the show they appear on and all of the Where What When Why How info needed in order to have a seamless and successful interview process. What's most important is if there are changes to the original schedule, Johanna and Erin make it a point to communicate with me and work with me to reschedule the original interviewee and they often offer an additional interviewee as a bonus. That's incredible service and professionalism and for that reason JRB Communications LLC are nothing but class personified in my book.

- "The Duke", Host of the "Duke Loves Rasslin" podcast



Cannibalism, Bill Schutt, Johanna Ramos-Boyer“Working with Johanna and Megan was a complete pleasure. They’re at the very top of their game professionally and as a result they’re wonderfully efficient at what they do. Their list of interviewers and media connections was as diverse as it was relevant and interesting. Interview schedules were updated (and sent out) almost daily and they were always right on top of things, turning the dozens of interviews that they’d arranged into a memorable and valuable experience.”

- Bill Schutt, author of Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History 

“Working with Johanna and Megan has been an amazing experience! They’ve gone above and beyond since day one. I never have to worry about a thing. They handle everything, and they do so with unabashed enthusiasm. Though I’ve never met either of them in person, I’ve fallen in love with both of them. I hope my wife Colleen doesn’t find out ...”

-Dr. Murray Howe, author of "Nine Lessons I Learned from My Father  (Gordie Howe)       

Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America, Johanna Ramos-Boyer, Danielle DiMartino Booth“It is impossible for me to communicate how indebted I will always be to Johanna and Megan for the tremendous work they put into Fed Up. To say the book would have never achieved greatness without their efforts is no understatement. The professionalism and undying work ethic know no parallels in my career.”

— Danielle DiMartino Booth, author of Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America

Price of Illusion, Juliet Buck, Johanna Ramos-Boyer“Johanna Ramos Boyer is more than a publicist— she’s a wise guide to the publishing process , a coach and a supporter. Her work on The Price of Illusion was timely, confident, coherent and invaluable. ”

—Joan Juliet Buck, author of The Price of Illusion 

Age of Radience, Johanna Ramos-Boyer“Johanna crafted a number of new ways to market Rocket Men to every possible audience and venue. She and her team worked tirelessly for my success, while perfectly complementing the publisher's efforts. Without her campaign, I would've never had a New York Times' bestseller.”

— Craig Nelson, author of The Age of Radiance and Rocket Men

Nat geo logo“Johanna Ramos Boyer and her dedicated team have been an invaluable asset for helping us execute our communications strategy the past dozen years.  The radio tours that she books for us are stellar, individualized line ups, ensuring that each one of our shows get individual outreach, not just the “cookie cutter” list.  Johanna and her team are also great support for briefing talent and guiding them through the process.”

— Chris Albert, EVP, Global Communications & Talent Relations, National Geographic Channels



“When The Color of Law was published, I expected it to garner little attention. For its unanticipated success, Johanna Ramos-Boyer deserves substantial credit. I first contacted her because I heard she was effective in arranging local radio interviews. She was indeed, and soon assumed responsibility for arranging scores of lectures nationwide. She is indefatigable, including her insistence with far more force than I could muster that hosts accommodate to my convenience, as well as provide audiences with book copies as favors or for sale. Johanna has become my daily, almost hourly partner; I could not do without her.”

— Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law



"It was so much fun to work with you and it had a profound impact on the book's success."
- Sam Kleiner, author of The Flying Tigers: The Untold Story of the American Pilots Who Waged a Secret War Against Japan



A MAN AND HIS PRESIDENTS“Johanna Ramos-Boyer and her team are a valuable long arm for authors interested in reaching new audiences. They have an enormous reach and turn up gems most of us would not find on our own.”

— Alvin Felzenberg, author of A Man and his Presidents: The Political Odyssey of William F. Buckley Jr


"The JBR public relations group was immensely helpful in providing me with countless opportunities to be interviewed on radio and podcasts across the nation and In Canada. The lively sales that resulted for my latest book, THE MYTH OF CLOSURE, were clearly linked to the effectiveness of this excellent public relations group. Dr. Pauline Boss Minneapolis."

“Johanna Ramos-Boyer and her team at JRB communications have transformed our company. We have built new channels of communication that have built both our brand and helped grow our business. We now have publicity channels that are available to us that we did not know even existed. All of this is because of Johanna and her team.”

— Keys Oakley
Oxbow Advisors, Director of Marketing

“Johanna and Erin have been invaluable finding and setting up appointments with media for my new book Different. Their wide range of contacts -- from local stations to national outlets and major podcasts -- and attention to detail ensured that I reached a wider readership than otherwise possible. They were a pleasure to work with and handled unexpected rescheduling and communication problems like real pros so that everything went smoothly.”

— Frans B. M. de Waal, Ph. D.
· C. H. Candler Professor Emeritus, Emory University
· Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Utrecht

High Noon:  The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic, Glenn Frankel, Johanna Ramos-Boyer“I've worked with JRB PR for my last two books and I've found them to be dedicated, reliable, experienced and smart about figuring out the best strategy for promoting my work. Whether it's planning a book tour or organizing an effective media campaign, Johanna and Megan have always come through for me. I look forward to working with them again and recommend them most highly. ”

— Glenn Frankel, author of High Noon: The Hollywood Blacklist and the Making of an American Classic

“Thank you for the great work publicizing my book.  Your advice and guidance were timely and spot on, every time,  The book is doing well in no small measure due to your efforts.  You made a difference, and I appreciate it. ”

—Major General Bruce Lawlor (Retired),  author of When Deadly Force is Involved: A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat, and Other Questions of Self-Defense

Leading the Charge- Leadership Lessons From the Battlefield to the Boardroom and The Battle for Peace- A Frontline Vision of America’s Power and Purpose

“Johanna Ramos-Boyer handled all communications and publicity events for two book tours for me. She was truly superb in coordinating, developing, and managing both very complex schedules. Her knowledge, personality, connections, organization skills, and intellect were impressive throughout the weeks of intensive and numerous events. She has my highest recommendation.”

— General Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Retired), author, Leading the Charge: Leadership Lessons From the Battlefield to the Boardroom and The Battle for Peace: A Frontline Vision of America’s Power and Purpose

“I have spent the last two months loudly singing the praises – and recommending the services – of Johanna and her team to any and every author I can. The work they did, and the worlds they opened, for my book were simply incredible.”

— Jeremy Dauber, author of Jewish Comedy: A Serious History


“Johanna Ramos-Boyer has been a marvel in arranging interviews for me in the widest range of media after publication of the three books of mine that have been published.  I could not be more pleased with her diligence, her focus and her relationships, all of which led to more opportunities to describe my book than I could handle. All this was done with good humor and on-time responses to all inquiries of mine and those who might have been interested in my books. ”

— Floyd Abrams, author of The Soul of the First Amendment

There are a lot of book promoters but few as smart and as responsive as Johanna Ramos-Boyer and her team. She knows how to get the job done. Johanna works 27/7 (that’s not a typo) to help me craft my message. She  booked me on several major NPR programs along with a slew of local ones. I rely on her to respond to my emails right away, to provide me wise advice, and to be that calming voice when I need one.

- Randi Hutter Epstein, MD, MPH, author of Aroused, The History of Hormones and How They Control Just About Everything 


Spillover, Quammel “Working with Johanna Ramos-Boyer was an author's dream come true. My book, "Pig Tales," got an incredible amount of exposure in a short period of time--everything from local shows whose audience had a natural interest in my topic to several major NPR programs, including Fresh Air, Splendid Table, and Science Friday, which caused sales to spike. More mundane, but critical for a writer whose not the best organized person in the world, her instructions, contact info, and scheduling were flawless.""I’ve come to depend on Johanna as an extremely efficient, effective, astute, well-organized professional who has also been a calming and sympathetic voice on the phone...  I’ve been enormously grateful for, and impressed by, the quality of her work and the spirit in which she does it.  She’s great. ”

— David Quammen, author of Ebola and Spillover

"Working with Johanna Ramos-Boyer and her team at JRB Communications gave my novel exposure across America and in Europe, reaching markets that may have been otherwise inaccessible. I am grateful to her and her team for being so very responsive to my phone calls, requests, and needs. Her knowledge in the field of publicity is deep; the list of her contacts is extensive, and her patience and persistence in finding the right opportunities are exemplary. On top of all this, I found Ms Ramos-Boyer to be a person of both honor and integrity."

— Jeff Schnader, MD, CM, FCCP, Retired Professor of Medicine
Author of the novel, The Serpent Papers