JRB Communications has worked
with National Geographic Channel since 2003.
The shows they have scheduled media for in 2017 include:

ATLANTIS RISING  — National Geographic

LAWLESS OCEANS — National Geographic Channel

Uncensored with Michael Ware  —  National Geographic Channel

Explorer  — National Geographic Channel

Explorer interviews the Dalai Lama — National Geographic Channel

Water & Power: A California Heist   National Geographic Channel

ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind — National Geographic Channel

“WICKED TUNA” — National Geographic Channel

GENIUS — National Geographic Channel

LA 92 — National Geographic Channel.

BREAKTHROUGH  — National Geographic Channel

YEAR MILLION — National Geographic Channel

The Incredible Dr. Pol  — Nat Geo WILD

From The Ashes  National Geographic Channel.

 SharkFest — Nat Geo WILD

Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS   — National Geographic Channel

Animal ER  — Nat Geo WILD

 Life Below Zero — National Geographic Channel

THE STATE  — National Geographic

Diana: In Her Own Words  — National Geographic Channel

American High School  — National Geographic Channel

The Long Road Home — from the National Geographic Channel by Martha Raddatz

Nat geo logo“Johanna Ramos Boyer and her dedicated team have been an invaluable asset for helping us execute our communications strategy the past dozen years.  The radio tours that she books for us are stellar, individualized line ups, ensuring that each one of our shows get individual outreach, not just the “cookie cutter” list.  Johanna and her team are also great support for briefing talent and guiding them through the process.”

— Chris Albert, EVP, Global Communications & Talent Relations 

National Geographic Channels